Our story

Two passions

Golf Turismo comes from two passions, car and golf.

The initials Golf Turismo pay tribute to mechanic sports universe, mythic cars, prestigious supercars. A wink to the world well-known video game Gran Turismo gathering the most amazing cars where the disconcerting virtuality is so close to reality.


In nature, in prestigious places, live another approach to golf

Golf First


Golf more than anything

Golf is an addictive sport, to try it is to adopt it. The first moments where your ball is flying are magic, only one desire continue to play.
Passion sets in, you enter in to majestic places, in the middle of nature the silence is just awakened by the impact of the balls on the heads of clubs. Escape moments that eclipse everyday life and give way to the golf word.
The combination of two passions has naturally found its name….

Golf Turismo !


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